Sunday, December 05, 2010

Melodisaster: Winner of ROTTW Soundstage 2010

The ROTTW Soundstage 2010 was happening yesterday. I didn't come to that event coz got things to do. But last night, I sign in to my Twitter account and I've found out that my friend's band, Melodisaster, won the competition!
I know this band thru my MySpace about two or three years ago. Congratulations to them! As a friend to them, I want to promote them more by using my blog here. Once again, congratulations!
Picture taken from Dill's album on Facebook. 

Here some briefing for the band for those who don't know them yet. 

Kuala Lumpur-based Melodisaster launceh Hyper Music and the progressive Rock movement into the underground scene. 

Band Members:
Dill Azahar (Vocal & Guitar)
Hizam Yusri (Bass & Vocal)
Chris Daniel (Drums & Percussion).

Alternative, Rock

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