Sunday, March 28, 2010

I promise to keep up my work!

Hmm... do you think I can do it? 
I don't think so. 
There are so much things to do. 
But I don't know why. 

I just finished my first note for this semester. 
I have my first quiz tomorrow. 
And I should study tonight. 
So that I will not forget what I've learn last week. 
But... I feel a bit lazy now. 

But wait! 
I should attend an event tomorrow. 
A talk, I don't know what is that. 
The title is 'Atas Nama Cinta'. 
Please lend me a pillow 'til the talk is done, okay? 

I think I want to take some rest first. 
Erm... about the title of this blog... 
just forget it.. haha!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Have a nice weekends

This week I stay at my rent house in Shah Alam. 
I feel like I wanna clean up this house. 

But now.. I don't know what to do. 
I feel like I wanna download games. 
Then, I found Zuma's Revenge Adventure. 
I keep playing this game, 
'til at one time, 
I realize, 
I just finished the game! 
Now I'm getting bored again. 

what a nice weekends I have! 
I think there's something I can do. 
Read the novel! 
I bought a new novel this week. 
And I didn't even touch that book yet. 
So let's get start it! 

Focus.. focus..

Thursday, March 25, 2010

People is upside down now!

I don't know what to say..
I've got many friends 
and they are many kinds of people. 
Some, like to online 24/7. 
Some, like to musics. Any kind of musics. 
Some, like to watch porn. 
Some, non-stop shopping. 
Some, has a busy life. 
And more! 

But I don't understand... 
why there are some people 
loving each others 
with the same gender? 
Lesbians, gays.. 
I got a lots of friends like that. 
And I don't know what they want. 

I still remember.. 
one of my friends once said that... 
I'm a tomboy! 
Oh sh*t man~ 
If she said that in front of me, 
I will punch her face without mercy! 

I know.. some of them
loved each other, 
cared each other, 
but are they didn't think about their future? 

I've got a latest news 
that one of my friends 
that was a lesbian and a tomboy before, 
now she has become a beautiful girl! 
I know she can do better than that. 
And I know everyone of them, 
if they realize what were they doing was wrong, 
they will be a beautiful or handsome person they ever seen! 
Trust me! 
And.. don't blame fate for this kind of reasons. 
Because you're the one who choose what best for you.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New day...

Two days I've been wasting my time, 
attending to my college, 
but then, 

But today, 
I've got class. 

Erm.. I'm sleepy now. 
I gotta go to rest for awhile. 

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Today is precious, but tomorrow is hideous!

Yeay! Last day for holiday! 
I just cooked fried rice, 
cleaned up the kitchen, 
swept the floor, 
cleaned up my hamsters' cage, 
fed the hamsters, 
and now.. time to relax! 

Tomorrow is my first day for new semester. 
And I want to welcome Dash 
because he will return to college 
after he made a decision to extend for one semester. 
Last semester, Dash's dad fell ill 
and he must to take a good care of his dad. 
Thanks to God 
because his dad now is in good condition. 

Erm.. I actually worried about my results. 
My last final exams was horrible, terrible! 
The questions were too easy to answer, 
but because of my laziness, 
I didn't read the notes, 
then I froze in front of the paper alone. 

Just wait and see 
what will happen later. 
Erm.. erm.. 

Saturday, March 20, 2010

I've made MANY friends this week!

Well my holiday only.. one day left. 
This whole week I filled with chatting with friends. 
And this month, just like a gathering month. 
I met my schoolmates since standard school at Facebook! 
Not only standard, but secondary too. 
It's just like a reunion. 
Tired of say 'hi' to them and asked 'watcha doin?' 

Yeah I've made so many friends now. 
I just active on MySpace again. 
For a long time I'm 'runaway' from it,
and now, I made my come back.  

Oh yeah! I got a big-fan that.. 
Thanks to you, Hanif! 
I know that you got no work to do right now. 
So come on hit up my blog for some time ok? 
And do promote it to your friends, will you? 
Haha! Joke.. 

Today, I come back home at Shah Alam. 
And just now I got a wall comment at Facebook from Eva.
There are new student this week.
I don't know how many of them.
But I want them to rock our house like hell!
Just like we did! 
And I, command Eva to come back home as fast as you can!
We must decorate our house like heaven.
Or should I call Eric Leong?
"Deko Bersama Eric"
Bwarghahahahaha! What an evil laugh I did. 

Oh new semester.. 
hope it will be better. 
And I'm so happy because Dash with us again! 
Yeah Dash.. I want to bully you just like before! 
You just wait there! 
Where is my Squidward? 
Oh it's you! 
Chill Dash.. just want to practice to bully you later. 

If I combine my MySpace, Facebook, Tagged, and some other social site's friends,
I can't believe I make friends about.... 
500 people around the world for this month!
Thanks to you guys that befriends with me. 
Really appreciate you guys for the whole life! 
Do keep in touch 'til the end ok? 

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I don't know how to shopping!

This is not the first time I went to shopping. 
I don't like to go to shopping, really!
Coz I feel like I'm out of ideas to choose the things! 

But at last! 
I bought a shirt, a slipper, and a belt! 
Can't believe I managed to buy things without my 'non-qualified image instructor'. 
Overall, I spend RM95.75 for all of that. 
Plus, RM95 for my broadband's bill. 
Wargh! Almost RM200 in a day!? 
But I just got RM5k, so it doesn't matter I think... 

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tell me what should I do now...

Supposedly I went out with my friend. 
Seems she had an emergency so I cancel the date. 
But she promised me to go out tomorrow. 
Hope she can accompany me to the mall. 
I really need a new blouse! 
And I want her to be my image instructor just for awhile (hehe!) 
So.. just sit at home, watching TV, scream out loud with MP3. 
Wargh! What a slow day...

Monday, March 15, 2010

New Look!

At last this new look more fresher than before (maybe!) 
Maybe it looks too girly (yeah I'm girl!) 
Since this week is my holiday week, 
so I really out of ideas to do things. 
And today, this is what happen just now! 
New layout! Yeah! 
But tomorrow, I'll go out with my friend, Aizzat. 
I wanna buy a shirt and a bag. 
But I dunno if there's any that can catch my attention... 
Somehow, I really need a new one!!
So gotta check my account. 
Hope I still got money in there (hehe!).

Friday, March 12, 2010

Berakhir dengan penyesalan...

Hoyeah hoyeah! 
Exam untuk semester ni baru je habis. 
tapi last paper tadi memang agak terkilan sikit. 
Sebab study pun last minit. 
Tak tau kenapa aku malas sangat nak buka buku database! 
Soalan tadi memang senang dijawab, 
tu pun kalau study la. 
Malangnya, aku tak study habis. 
Ni la jadinya! 
Tapi harap ok jela. 
Banyak gak yang aku jawab, 
walaupun KBKK (haha!).

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Liputan meluas!

Tak sampai sehari aku beli, 
tak sampai sehari aku upload
dah hampir 100 komen! 
Hebat penangan hamster aku ni. 
Tu la dia.. hamster yang menceriakan hidup aku. 
Letak kat Facebook aku terus laku muka diorang!

Kan aku dah kata, 
hamster ni hidupan yang comel. 
Dulu masa bela kura-kura, 
tak ada siapa nak komen. 
Cian kura-kura aku tu, 
sekarang ni dah jadi arwah dah. 
*isk *isk!

Friday, March 05, 2010

Winter Hamsters!

Akhirnya aku dapat gak beli hamster baru!
Hamster lama aku dah jual. 
So kali ni, 
aku beli jenis winter hamster

Aku ingat nak beli hitam putih. 
Nampak sepasang sikit. 
Tapi yang warna hitam kat kedai semua betina. 
So beli la warna putih and kuning. 
Putih tu nama dia Bibi sebab dia betina. 
Yang kuning tu pulak nama dia Bobo. 
Comel la hamster baru aku ni!! 

Monday, March 01, 2010


Yeah minggu exam!
Hari ni hari pertama exam kat Kolej PTPL.
Tapi paper aku start 4hb Mac.
Mungkin lambat lagi, tapi aku kena prepare awal-awal!
Paper tough en.
Lain la kalau semester 1 or 2.
Subjek senang sikit la dari semester hujung camni...

Aku tengok member rumah aku malam tadi.
Perghh semangat study.
Aku lak cuak tengok dia study macam tu!
Aku ingat esok nak keluar jalan-jalan.
Saja nak rileks kan otak.
Tapi nak kena habiskan exam dulu.
Bosan la macam ni!

This is Hani