Saturday, March 20, 2010

I've made MANY friends this week!

Well my holiday only.. one day left. 
This whole week I filled with chatting with friends. 
And this month, just like a gathering month. 
I met my schoolmates since standard school at Facebook! 
Not only standard, but secondary too. 
It's just like a reunion. 
Tired of say 'hi' to them and asked 'watcha doin?' 

Yeah I've made so many friends now. 
I just active on MySpace again. 
For a long time I'm 'runaway' from it,
and now, I made my come back.  

Oh yeah! I got a big-fan that.. 
Thanks to you, Hanif! 
I know that you got no work to do right now. 
So come on hit up my blog for some time ok? 
And do promote it to your friends, will you? 
Haha! Joke.. 

Today, I come back home at Shah Alam. 
And just now I got a wall comment at Facebook from Eva.
There are new student this week.
I don't know how many of them.
But I want them to rock our house like hell!
Just like we did! 
And I, command Eva to come back home as fast as you can!
We must decorate our house like heaven.
Or should I call Eric Leong?
"Deko Bersama Eric"
Bwarghahahahaha! What an evil laugh I did. 

Oh new semester.. 
hope it will be better. 
And I'm so happy because Dash with us again! 
Yeah Dash.. I want to bully you just like before! 
You just wait there! 
Where is my Squidward? 
Oh it's you! 
Chill Dash.. just want to practice to bully you later. 

If I combine my MySpace, Facebook, Tagged, and some other social site's friends,
I can't believe I make friends about.... 
500 people around the world for this month!
Thanks to you guys that befriends with me. 
Really appreciate you guys for the whole life! 
Do keep in touch 'til the end ok? 

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