Thursday, March 25, 2010

People is upside down now!

I don't know what to say..
I've got many friends 
and they are many kinds of people. 
Some, like to online 24/7. 
Some, like to musics. Any kind of musics. 
Some, like to watch porn. 
Some, non-stop shopping. 
Some, has a busy life. 
And more! 

But I don't understand... 
why there are some people 
loving each others 
with the same gender? 
Lesbians, gays.. 
I got a lots of friends like that. 
And I don't know what they want. 

I still remember.. 
one of my friends once said that... 
I'm a tomboy! 
Oh sh*t man~ 
If she said that in front of me, 
I will punch her face without mercy! 

I know.. some of them
loved each other, 
cared each other, 
but are they didn't think about their future? 

I've got a latest news 
that one of my friends 
that was a lesbian and a tomboy before, 
now she has become a beautiful girl! 
I know she can do better than that. 
And I know everyone of them, 
if they realize what were they doing was wrong, 
they will be a beautiful or handsome person they ever seen! 
Trust me! 
And.. don't blame fate for this kind of reasons. 
Because you're the one who choose what best for you.


Anonymous said...

yang suke usha porn aku la tu.wkaakak!

zul helmi azam said...

don't blame fate..!!
i like that..!!

This is Hani