Sunday, March 21, 2010

Today is precious, but tomorrow is hideous!

Yeay! Last day for holiday! 
I just cooked fried rice, 
cleaned up the kitchen, 
swept the floor, 
cleaned up my hamsters' cage, 
fed the hamsters, 
and now.. time to relax! 

Tomorrow is my first day for new semester. 
And I want to welcome Dash 
because he will return to college 
after he made a decision to extend for one semester. 
Last semester, Dash's dad fell ill 
and he must to take a good care of his dad. 
Thanks to God 
because his dad now is in good condition. 

Erm.. I actually worried about my results. 
My last final exams was horrible, terrible! 
The questions were too easy to answer, 
but because of my laziness, 
I didn't read the notes, 
then I froze in front of the paper alone. 

Just wait and see 
what will happen later. 
Erm.. erm.. 

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