Sunday, December 05, 2010

Don't ask me why!

Since I'm with him, people keep asking me, 'Why I choose him? Why don't you choose others, which they are richer or more handsome?' 

For the first time they asked me, I just answer the question. 'He is not just like others. They didn't attract me at all, but him. He tried everything to reach me. Even though he knew that there will be an obstacle ahead.'

That was at the first time. But after a few times, I was getting bored, and it will be getting bored after someone asked me more, 'Why you choose him? Is that because of his fame? Or maybe you just wanted to be fame too?' 

I don't know if he was joking or not, but it really stressed me up!

But last night, he asked me the same question just like all that people asked me before. The same questions! Maybe I don't deserve to him.. that is why he asked me like that. Or maybe I did so many mistakes, so that he thinks he didn't have any functions in this relationship. Or maybe I put so much secrets within me. Or maybe I'm too annoying to him?

I don't want to think much. If I really was a big mistakes to him, just tell me.

For the answers for your questions, I choose you because I know you sincere with your feelings. I don't care who you are. At the first time, I don't really care or love you, but why I do really love you now? Coz I saw everything in you after some time we met before! And don't you ever think that I love you because of what you are! If I really love you because of what you are, I will become as psycho as your fans right now! But why I still remain calm? Coz I understand of your situations.
I cried when writing this entry. I hope I can stand of this matter. I know, I have secrets that I never tell you yet. It may take time for me. Not all things I should tell coz I'm not ready of what will I'm saying.


AISHA SAAD said...

chilax sis!

neway kdg2 kita takder reason bila kita suka seseorng, but deep on our heart we love him demm much.
just tak tau nak explain cam mana kan?

aku bencik gak bila org tnya cam tuh, rasa macam......... tak selamat! hahaha.

Husnatul A'tiqah Abdul Hady said...

alarh..tak semestinya yang lebih good looking boleh buat kita bahagia macam yang dia buat kan?? ;)

sabar jek la..bukan kita yang tentukan jodoh kan..hee

and tak semestinya jugak semua rahsia kita akan share dengan orang yang kita sayang..some secrets sepatutnya just remain dalam diri kita sendiri..if itu better.. =)

This is Hani