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Adolf Hitler: The angle of the story we rarely hear

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My tribute to the great man, Adolf Hitler, that there seems at this time.

I talked to a family member who is being completed his PhD thesis and I was shocked when he state his thesis relating to Adolf Hitler, Nazi leader. So I say, "I will never figure out all the Muslims in this world until you choose this fool as the title?"

He laughed and said what I know about Hitler. I then said that Hitler is a mass murderer who kills and put Germany above all things. Then he asked me where I got the source. I said my source is of course from the TV.

Then he said, "Well, the British have done even worse than that. The Emperor of Japan during the period they were the same. But why the world is punishing Hitler and put the offense in fact worsen the name seems to Nazi like the Nazi still exist today, while they overlook the British to Scotland, the Japanese to the world, and the South African black people they are?"

I therefore ask for answers from him. He continued, "There are two reasons":

1) Hitler principles relating to the Jews, Zionism, and the establishment of Israel. Hitler was launched to destroy the Jewish Holocaust because Jews consider to be destructive of the world in one day.

2) Hitler on the Islamic principles. Hitler has been studying the history of the previous government and people of the past, and he has indicated that the three most powerful civilizations, the Persians, Rome, and Arabia. The three civilizations have dominated the world a while ago and Persia and Rom has developed their civilization to the present, while the Arab is more strife among themselves only. He saw this as a problem because the Arabs will destroy Islamic civilization that he had seen so great a while ago.

On his  admiration of Islamic civilization, he has printed and distributed pamphlets on Islam to the Nazi army during the war, even to the non-Muslim troops.

He also had an opportunity to force Germany to perform Muslim prayers in the time when everywhere. Even the army was praying in the plains of Germany and Hitler's Berlin was waiting until the end of their prayers congregation to deliver his speech.

Hitler also frequently met with the Scholars and ask their opinion and learn from them about religion and the stories of friends in the administration.
Hitler with Sheikh Amin al-Husainiy. 

He also asked the Sheikh to assist his soldiers to pray for those who are not Muslims, and an encouragement to other Muslims to kill Jews.

A Nazi military attach files Mufti al-Quds 

All this information is historical research done by my brother for his PhD thesis and he asked me not exaggerate anything that does not trouble him for presenting it later. He does not want me to add material from the Internet because I am not a history expert. But the pictures that have long been spread here and everyone can see it on the Internet.

I also hard to find additional information on the Internet and find several things:

1) The influence of al-Quran in Hitler's speeches.
When Nazi troops arrived in Moscow, Hitler wants to express. He ordered the advisers to find the opening words of that great regardless of religious texts, the words of the philosopher or the byte poetry. An Iraqi writer who resides in Germany suggests al-Quran:

means: the Day of Resurrection is near and the moon will be split up.

Hitler felt encouraged by this verse and use it as the word of the opening and the contents of his speech. It describes the commentators of that verse means greatness, power and deep meaning. This was stated by Hitler in his book 'Mein Kampf', written in prison that many aspects of his actions based on verses from the Quran, especially those related to his actions on the Jews.

2) Hitler swore by Allah the Almighty.
Hitler entered the oath in the name of Allah the Most High in the pledge of his army chief will be completing his studies in Germany military academy.

"I swear by Allah (God) the Most High, and this is my sacred oath that I will obey all orders of the army chief and leader Adolf Hitler's Germany, the highest leaders armed, that I will always be willing to sacrifice my life at any time for my leader." 

3) Hitler had refused to drink beer (alcohol) at a time when he was nervous during the Germany a somewhat shaky and problematic. At that time the doctor suggested he drink beer as he refuses medication and while saying, "How do you want to order one drink for medicinal purposes, while he never touched alcohol all his life?" Yes, Hitler never touched alcohol throughout his life. He is a tea drinking habits using a special bag.

It is not the purpose of this paper to defend what is done by Hitler, but it aims to unveil what is hidden by the West. May we all stand to benefit.


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nice...i've been post this article in was real...believe it...

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Anonymous said...

salam.. ni pembohongan yg sebenar2nya. kalau betul hitler memang pro-islamic, maka ada ulama2 yg akan bagitau kat kita sejak dari abis perang dunia kedua lagi. tapi tidak. sekarang ni baru benda ni muncul.

islam tidak mengajak kita membunuh civilians. zaman nabi lagi, Rasullullah SAW mengajak yahudi2 madinah utk masuk islam dan setengah daripada golongan ini masuk Islam.

vatican sebenarnya yg pro nazi. vatican sebenarnya bukannya melaksanakan christian yg sebenar. vatican adalah pagan christian. pagan christian bermaksud ada unsur2 pengembahan berhala, syaitan..

semasa perang dunia ke2, yang dibunuh nazi adalah orthodox jews. yg cara mereka adalah hampir sgt dgn islam... tapi siapa yg dapat negara? yg dapat negara adalah golongan zionist..

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xde yg mustahil time tuu hitler berkompromi ngan kaum muslimin time tu!! negara2 Balkan di sana mmg telah lama mengaunti islam, hitler tidak akan berjaya takluk sepertiga dunia dengan bantuan org2 islam, albanian, bosnian, chechen people waktu tu! mmg hitler bunuh civilians terutama Yahudi sbb dia bukan real muslim!! now dunia dah berubah, apa terjadi pd chechen people?? d tindas ganaz2, tgk soviet bertahun2 cuba berlawan ngan mujahideen, smpi now tidak berjaya! fakta reality.. 2 org mujahideen chechen fight dgn 1 batalion soviet army ambil masa 24 jam utk hapuskan! bayangkan 1 batalion mujahideen berapa jam plak soviet army nk abiskan?? sekadar kongsi info.

This is Hani