Thursday, April 01, 2010

It followed me...

Last two days, 
there was a kitten followed me home. 
It was a beautiful kitten. 
Manja sangat! 
But I can't kept her. 

So today. 
I take her home. 
I don't know where. 
But I just leave her near surau. 
Then I ran to the stairs, 
and walked to the college. 

I heard it cried.. 
I felt like I want to take it home. 
But I can't! 
Oh kitty... I want to keep you. 
I wish I can. 


zul helmi azam said...

apsal xbagi i u...
g amek balek..
meyh bg i...

Hani Shah said...

kalo la bleh amek.. rsa nye kucing tu ade tuan la.. bersih n sehat je kucing tu ;)

This is Hani