Monday, April 19, 2010

Don't blame this feelings

Last night was a confession night! I admit everything to him. I know it was a little bit too late. But I still like him. Maybe.. love him.

I told to my 'loyal fan' about everything happened to me last night. Of course he did jokes for me to happy. But deep down, I feel sad.

I still remember when the first time I met him. I was going out for awhile. Then I saw my friend in my workplace at al-Ikhsan in Metropoint Kajang. We talked a lot on that day and he introduced me to his friend. Since then, we were always hang-out together. Unfortunately, we lost contact for about one and a half year.

With God willing, he contacted with me again. And he, at last, confess that he likes me too. Of course I'm happy! But I can't give him any responds. He gives me some time. But I don't know until when I will be like this.

I think I must do SOLAT ISTIKHARAH (Is this the spelling? Nevermind..) haha! Hope I will be okay later. Wipe this tears!

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!!--WhiTeLiLy--!! said...

Istikharah...pilihan terbaik yang ada buat masa ni.. **wink3**

This is Hani