Friday, October 29, 2010

My ex is still my ex, nothing more!

Salam, hello!

I'm still awake although it is already dawn now. My ex, Efy, texted me at 5:25 AM.

Efy: "Still awake?"
Hani: "Yup, why?" 

Then he called me, asked my condition, my studies, everything. We talked just like usual, pretend that there are no memories between us. But somehow, he asked me about someone in my life. I don't have one yet, but I do like to someone now. So I just told him the truth. I met this person, hang-out with him, this and that. And suddenly, Efy mad at me and hang-up the phone. Am I wrong? I guess not!
I continued to chat with my friends at YM right after that. Then two SMS'es hit my inbox. I read it. Efy sent it to me. It was like this...

Efy's first SMS: We don't need this friendship. Don't ever text me anymore! I don't hate you but I hope you are the one for me.
Efy's second SMS: When you text me say that you miss me and I don't reply it coz I do miss you too. 

It was a long time ago I texted him say that I miss him, just a month after we break-off. I know he still loves me. But I just can't after what he did to me through our relationship. I just really hope we're just friends now.

After a few minutes, he called me again. He said sorry and we will be friends right afterwards. Then we had a little conversation after some time we didn't chat together. He told me that he will enter a ring fight for Muay Thai competition this December. He wanted me to be his supporter when the ring fight begins. I don't know if I can go there since my study still ongoing on that time. After that, he will open a class for the martial arts study, I don't know where coz he is still searching a strategic place.

To me, Efy is a special guy I've ever met! Efy is not only a Muay Thai fighter, but he also an Aikido and a Brazillian Jiujitsu fighter. Plus, he can manage and fight with every weapons in a right way. Efy taught me some steps in safety awareness on how to handle knives, guns, and fight with bare-hands. Thank you to you Efy coz you taugh me lots of things!

6:48 AM

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Husnatul A'tiqah Abdul Hady said...

nampak sangat jeles di situ.. =p

well,dia tak sepatutnya macam tu da..

however,glad korang masih lagi mampu jadi kawan.. ;)

This is Hani