Thursday, January 12, 2012

When ex turns out to be a psychotic

Most of couples will suffered into like this kinda situation. It's normal, maybe. But it will make you think like this: "argh, what the hell?" "f*ck-off!" "I just wanna befriend with you!" "please understand me" "bla bla bla"... Some of our ex's didn't think, or maybe they are too stupid to think to be a positive person. Why can't you just let it go and pretend to have a normal conversation?
I know it's hard but take your time, please! We don't need to be so rushing! You got your own things, and I got my own too. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow. Maybe after a month or a year, we will chat together again just like before, with a new relationship. Friendship, that'll better.

Come on, I'm 22-years old this year! Guys like you are older than me. You should be matured *in my situation, of course*! In a meantime, you should think what's right and what's wrong of our past relationship. So that we'll know, "I'm lack of this" "I'm too of that" "She didn't like I do like that to her" "He didn't want me to do like this".

Try to be positive. Don't condemn! Or you'll end-up like a psychotic ex just like... err~ whoever you have seen before :)

I have got no intentions to make your heart hurts. I just want you to chill. Think about your positive side in your life. Because I believe in faith that Allah gave to me. Relationship is a mere term nowadays. Single, married, divorced. Just a word. Nothing special! But deep inside your heart, you know what 'ship' you aboard. Only your heart knows.

P/S: Believe in faith if you want to be together. Not with emotions. Thank you to you, friends, for making my day!

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